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Top Seal Equipment Components
Top Seal
Installation unit:
The complete installation unit consists of the following components
  • The transporter is an electric driven belt crawler with a rotation axle in the front.
  • Applicator covered with an inflatable silicone rubber bladder which depending on the type of installation is with or without a side bladder.
  • Internally the applicator is equipped with UV-light bulbs and a camera looking up into the side bladder for control of a wrinkle free fit of the laminate.
  • A tilt camera is mounted on the front end of the applicator. The camera is first locating the lateral opening and then rotated assisting in the placement of the side bladder into the lateral.
  • top seal equipment
  • Electric driven cable reel with 600 feet of multi conductor cable, built in air line and footage counter.
top seal equipment
  • Compressor for bladder inflation
  • 8000 Watt generator
  • Control panel for remote control of all functions
  • Keyboard for insertion of text
top seal equipment
  • Monitor