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Top Seal Process
Top Seal
TOP Seal Lateral Sealing Product

Top Seal seals and repairs lateral connections. It is a fiberglass composite designed to mold to the shape of the lateral opening in the main line bridging from the inside of the main line to the internal circumference of the lateral pipe and concurrently sealing to both the main and lateral surfaces.

Top Seal is a resin impregnated, non-woven, corrosion resistant E-glass (ECR) fiberglass composite laminate coated with a special bonding epoxy on the pipe contact surface side. It is sized for the sewer lateral ID and shaped like an old time stove pipe hat without a top The 6 inch vertical stovepipe potion of the hat has a 3-inch wide brim. The Top Seal product is assembled on the tractor-applicator above ground. The assembly is then placed in the manhole and delivered to the lateral connection and positioned using the tractor-applicator and associated TV camera. The stovepipe portion of the composite is inserted into the lateral connection using the tractor-applicator positioning motion functions. The brim remains in the sewer main and forms a reinforcing and sealing ring within the main around the lateral connection opening. Once inserted, the Top Seal applicator is inflated deploying the Top Seal and pressing the fiberglass with the epoxy bonding component against both the inside of the lateral pipe and the brim against the main sewer wall ringing the lateral connection. The inflation of the applicator bladder further presses the exterior of the laminate into the connection joint mechanically locking it into position. The non-woven nature of the laminate allows Top Seal to slightly expand and form tightly against the sewer pipe walls taking the shape of the connection being sealed. The expandable bladder is longer than the composite and thus the composite ends taper smoothly down to main and lateral pipe inside diameters. Top Seal laminate forms to lateral T, Y or break-in connection bridging smaller voids and cracks. Top Seal is sized for a given lateral diameter, but can be used with any connection configuration, thus individually shaped and sewn solutions are not required. Once the Top Seal side bladder is inverted into the lateral, the operator switches to a second TV camera, placed internal in the bladder, to confirm the correct placement. If necessary he deflates the bladder, rotates and moves the laminate using the tractor-applicator to achieve optimal placement. When satisfied with the laminate position he reinflates the bladder then activates a UV light source within the bladder curing the fiberglass to a hard structure in seven minutes. When curing is complete, the applicator is cooled for a few minutes then removed from the connection and the finished installation is examined using the external camera. Finally the tractor applicator is retrieved from the line and the process starts over again for the next connection. Cycle time for this process in 8 to 21 inch mains with 4 or 6-inch lateral is about 30-45 minutes per installation working from the same manhole.